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See ya, 2008!!!

Just a short, last post of 2008. The Project AngelTree gift dropoff went fine. A bit underwhelming for me actually. I guess I didn't know what to expect, but what I experienced wasn't it. It felt good to serve though and I'll likely do it again next year. Christmas with the MN Landwehr clan was a blast despite the stomach bug making the rounds. I'll detail that trip tomorrow. Memories of 2008: 1. Poconos/Philly/NY Trip with the Landwehr Clan. A Blast! 2. Canada Trip with Steve and Dave. A Blast with lots of big fish! 3. Erin's Graduation trip with Mom and Steph in Redlands, LA and Santa Barbara. 4. Victoria BC business trip 5. Kalahari with Neufangs/Landwehrs for Thanksmas 6. Growing closer to our Friends Steve & Jill, Brad & Patty 7. Our Tuesday Night Live experiences at Church. Awesome family time! 8. Crystal River Canoe trip with Ben and myself. Bonding time! 9. Stephanie's Graduation Celebration in St. Paul. Congrats Steph! 10. God's Blessings th

Frantic Holly-Jolliness

Me and my Niece Gray-Gray. So it's been 3 months since I last blogged. What's a guy to do? I'm a little bit lazy, a little bit busy and my kids dominate the computer. In this busy Christmas season, I wanted to get some of the thoughts from my head onto paper, albeit virtual paper. Did I gripe about last winter on this blog? As I recall, I did...quite a bit. Well, some things never change. Old man winter has struck hard with a vengance this December, and we're still two weeks from being into January. We just dug out from a 12" snowfall yesterday (for 29" in December thus far.) and are looking at another 5-7" tonight into tomorrow. Oh, and Tuesday some more. All I beg for is mercy. Some observations from the storm yesterday. I saw a guy on Fountain Ave. using a shovel on the hood of his car to dig out. A shovel, not a broom. It makes me laugh to think that this may be the same guy that washes his car once a week in the summer. Or, maybe not. Winter seems t