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Death, Dying and All the Good Life Holds

I've got our friend Susan's laptop as she dropped it off for me to try and rid it of it's nasty virus she picked up. It was called Internet Anti Virus Pro. What it would do is spoof itself as an anti virus scan program that gave false positives about viruses being on the laptop. After a little searching on google, I was able to download a program called Malwarebytes and it successfully removed the bug. It's amazing how you can pick up these nasties no matter how well your puter appears to be protected. In any case, it makes the case again that I should start my own business of "last ditch computing" where people came to me because they couldn't get their puter working. I would attempt to fix it and my price would be related to the level of success I achieved. It would be way cheaper than computer geeks, but wouldn't come with any guarantees. I enjoy it to a certain extent, mostly because I think everyone should be allowed bug free computing. That and