Speaking with a Canon

The video camera debacle we are in the midst of took a turn for the better yesterday. It is a long, winding story, that started with me looking into why the blasted thing wasn't working.

We'd won the camera as part of an sales incentive for Donna from Pampered Chef. It was probably 6 years old and had been acting strange. The LCD lens would be completely black even though it was actually recording...blackness.

Well, I looked online, and it turned out that it was a "known issue" with Canon. To make it better, they were honoring out-of-warranty cameras and even offered to send a pre-paid UPS shipping label so I could send it in for repair. Sweet!

So I wrapped it up and labeled it and told Donna to mail it when she got the chance. She then dropped it in a regular mail box. The USPS called us the next day and said they'd forward it on to UPS.

When I went to check how it was moving through the system, it seemed to be "in transit" for a long time period. I contacted both Canon and UPS about it and each of them called me to say they were "escalating" the issue and trying to track it.

After a week of this and calls and e-mails back and forth, I get a call from Canon yesterday saying they'd "like to resolve this issue quickly". They then said they were going to give me a comparable new (refurbished) camera in place of mine. Sweet.

So, they are sending me a $300 ZR850 model tomorrow for my trouble. It even includes a six month warranty. All for a camera that I had almost given up for dead.


I plan to write a lengthy note of praise to Canon when its all over and done with. They have done me right.

Thing is, I don't even use a video camera much anymore, but now I'll be set for another 5 years, at least. Life is good.

I'm getting revved up for the Janboree festival in Waukesha this weekend, including my reading at the All Writers Workshop 5 year anniversary party tomorrow. I plan on reading the introduction to my BWCA memoir, but I'll have some poems as a fall back in case people are getting weary. Don't want to bore the crowd.

I'm beat and heading to bed. Blogging off for now...


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