Getta your tootsie-fruitsie ice cream!

As a family, we watched the Marx Brothers in "A Day at the Races" last night. I love those old movies and I think it's important to expose the kids to them. The humor in them is so pure. Some innuendo that goes over the heads of the kids, but for the most part its Groucho's snarky sarcasm, Chico's scamming and broken/bad English, and of course Harpo's physical and facial gymnastics. They're all masters and I laugh till my sides hurt every time I watch them.

Went to Metrobrook Church for service this week. Quite refreshing to see what a vibrant, urban church is doing. Lot's of servants doing God's work in the inner city.

Feeling that nice weather brain bloc. Gotta go shoot some hoops with Sar!

Blogging off...



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