A Swine and Pleasant Misery

The impending pandemic may never happen, but it won't be for lack of media coverage. My goodness, you'd think people were dropping like flies. This is one thing our economy needs right now is people being told to stay home. Don't shop, go to a ball game, or the school play. Stay at home and sponge bathe yourselves with clorox wipes.

I see Yusuf (aka Cat Stevens) has a new album out. Last I heard, he was becoming a Tibetan Monk or something, never to write secular music again. It must be that Capitol Records pays better than Buddah. Either that or he didn't like the bare feet thing.

So I wake up my 13 year old daughter at 6:45 on Thursday. (She sets her alarm for 6:15, don't ask why. I think it's just to annoy me.) She says "gosh, I wish you wouldn't wake me up so late". She has to be to leave for school by 7:05.

Now thinking I'd help her out today, I woke her once at 6:35. Then, at 6:43 I woke her again and all she said was "I know!". Silly, stupid me. I really need to school up on the Variable-Time/Teen Urgency Quotient, I guess. What goes for yesterday does not float today. I truly am not the smartest person in the house anymore. I swear I'm writing a book titled "Dumber by the Day" someday. I SHALL be the main character.

With (false) promises to blog more frequently, it's me...Blogging off.



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