Volleying for Answers

Things I don't understand about the few weeks worth of High School Freshman Volleyball that I've seen, including tonights match against Milwaukee Pius. (South lost 0-3)

  1. What is a Libero, and what is it used for?
  2. Is it 3 games to a match, or 3 sets to a game. I also heard it may be 3 games to an "event".
  3. What is with the hip-hop music before the varsity games and is it really necessary?
  4. Since when can you get a point if you're not serving? Now every play results in a point for either one team or another.
  5. Why can't they put the manual scoreboard in a better spot so fans can see it?
  6. We almost got charged $13 admission for the three of us to see Sarah play. Can't you cut a deal for the freshmen? (We got off with a $5 charge because the lady was nice and it was all the cash we had on us.)
These are the things that remind me that I'm not getting any younger. I'm what you call old school I guess. So old, that I'm blogging off...


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