It Could Be Worse

Woke up to cloudy, and slightly cooler weather today than we've had for this whole past week (which was gorgeous!) Then I go and read that St. Paul and Northern Wisconsin could get as much as 8 inches of snow. Ha! What am I complaining about? Not that I'm a winter hater (I am), it's just that I'd prefer to stave it off for as long as possible. Three months of cloudy, cold, crappy weather is plenty.

Watched a couple of movies with the kids last night. Black Sheep, which was much funnier than I remember it being when I saw it 16 years ago. Chris Farley did physical humor better than anyone I know. It's too bad he fell into the trappings of Hollywood and ended his life in a haze of drugs and alcohol. He was a funny man who used his body like a weapon of humor.

The other movie was True Stories. Featuring, David Byrne and John Goodman, this is one of my favorite movies of all time. A classic parody of modern culture in general and Texas specifically. Ben didn't like it as much as me, but we had a few good laughs during the fashion show, where people were wearing clothes made out of grass, etc.

Day three of Mr. Mom-hood and I've got a busy day ahead. Much to do around the house as well as trying to keep the kids occupied and squeeze in some writing too. Maybe I'm setting the bar too high, but hey, that's what Saturdays are for, right?

Well, much to do as I mentioned, so I'd better blog off for now...


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