Vacation Holiday

Wondering what day it is today? I took these three days off in the middle of this week, thereby stringing together a 10 day work free stretch. It has been absolutely rejuvenating so far. I've been able to sleep in, do what I need to do around the house, spend some time with the kids, travel to see Rob and the family, write when I want, and just recharge my batteries. It's not that I was burned out at work, it was just that with all that is going on in the family and the holidays and everything else, it came at a very good time.

The whole week is giving me a little glimpse of what retirement will be like and, while there are moments of sheer boredom, I could get very used to it. In fact, as I'm typing this I'm watching the Minnesota Wild/San Jose Sharks hockey game. Now I only watch hockey when I'm bored to death. That's NOT to say I don't enjoy it, I very much do. I also plan on watching a lot of hockey in my retirement. Why? Because I suspect I'll have the time. Also, it is really the one sport other than football that I enjoy watching on TV.

Basketball is too much scoring and only meaningful in the last two minutes.

Baseball is too slow moving. Just pitch the dang ball already. And you, get in the batters box and hit the ball and stop messing with your stupid batting glove.

Golf, well, are you kidding me?

So hockey it is.

I submitted a story to The Sun magazine today. It is the tail-end story to my memoir about the trip that Tom, Rob and I took up with the kids in 2009. The Sun is a GREAT magazine that has a good combination of memoir, fiction and poetry in it. I heard about it from my mother-in-law who actually got it sent to her as a gift by someone who has not revealed themselves.

When she brought it out, she said she thought it would be a great fit for my style of writing. After I read the first issue, I had to agree with her assessment. So, after looking at the terms for submission as well as the possible payouts, I thought it was worth a shot.

I also submitted three poems of mine as well. They don't pay as well if published, but I figured go with the numbers thing and hope for the best. It'd be nice to get another article published for my portfolio, but even better would be some cash to go with the deal. Writing is all about feeling and is an extension of my persona, but cash pays the bills, if you know what I'm saying.

Not much to update on Rob's status. I texted him briefly last night during the Vikings/Eagles game last night and he was joking about how bad they were, even though they eventually won. He said he didn't want to watch the game, but there was nothing else on. You know the vikings are doing bad when Rob says something like that. It is encouraging that he'll be home on Friday, so I'm going to take that as the victory it is and run with it.

Tomorrow I'm going to continue my temporary early retirement and love it as much as I did today. Life is short and precious. Embrace it, Live it to the Fullest, Eat, Sing, Dance, Love, Rest and Pray.

Blogging off...


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