Docs 'n' Drugs

Went to the Doctor today after day 17 of this chronic cough. I wanted to rule out a sinus infection or pneumonia. I've been feeling a little better, but am still bothered by the cough. He found a "low grade" sinus infection and so put me on antibiotics and Sudafed. He said anytime a cough persists past about 10 days, it is usually some other bacteria that has taken residence.

I wanted to get checked out because I don't want to infect Rob who I'll be seeing on Sat/Sun. He reassured me that a sinus infection isn't transmissible and that my visit would be fine. That is great news, as I am looking forward to my visit to Rochester. He's getting his second round of Chemotherapy at Methodist hospital. He arrived today and will be there until Sunday about noon. My Mom is going down tomorrow to visit, so she was glad he'd have a visitor on Sat/Sun. I figure it's the least I could do. It's been a while since I've seen him and because the weekend we were supposed to go got shot down, I still wanted to make the trip. I'm blessed by a wife who saw the importance of me going.

Well, the Packers did it. Superbowl champs! It's really hard to believe, but it's starting to sink in. We had a fantastic time at our friends' house with another couple. It was a nail-biter for quite a while and kept things interesting. Now the state of Wisconsin can get back to work. At least it made February a bit more interesting.

Our Cancer Run Team named "Rob's Mob" is taking on steam. I've set up a site that you can donate if you want. The link is: Rob's Mob Cancer Run

It means of course that I'll have to start training in March...brrrrr! It should be a great time though, esp. with much of my family coming down for it.

Blogging off for now...


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