Venom Culture Revisited

The theme at my church's middle school ministry (Mosaic) is venom culture and like many of the weeks past, I'm learning as much as the kids from Pastor Brown. He speaks to their level so well, but what he may not realize is that he's teaching the adult leaders as well (or at least me...or maybe I'm just a teen at heart). The message was basically that the same mouth we use to praise people and build them up is used to tear them down and ridicule them as well.

He went on to show some pictures of a friend of his from this past summer who had "cut" herself on her arms and was scarred heavily. She had internalized all of the hateful things said about her and the only way to emote was to disfigure herself. It was sad. So very sad.

In any case, while I know it affected the kids, I know all of the adults were looking around going "hmmm, I say some pretty crappy things sometimes too...sometimes to people I supposedly love." So, like the kids, it's something I'm going to work on. Lord knows I need it.

I got my first 10 mile bike ride of the spring in yesterday. It was not gorgeous out, but it was warm enough to wear shorts and a fleece and not freeze. It felt great to be back out there. We've had such a crappy spring; cold and wet. It still is one of my favorite places on earth, on my bike on the glacial drumlin trail. All the stresses if the day fall away and it's just me and the road and my thoughts.

Oh and they shot Osama Bin Laden Sunday. Lets hear it for the good guys.

Blogging off...


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