The Slow Rolling Steam of Spring

Spring approaches like a reluctant dog
On it's knees
Crawling in submission
Like people are going to hit it
Its eyes dart left and right
Leading with a cold, grey wind
A sunless sky
A wicked smirk on its face
Its cheating us one day at a time
Of that which we are past due
Our deposits coming
In the hell called
December through March
Despite its slow approach
It leaves little teasing promises
In the flowers and buds
And a rare jacket-less day
But then the seasonal sadist
Is back to its same old tricks
A cold rain; threat of a shower
Sky the color of a basement floor
The rain brings life to everything
But us humans left to live in it
There are times when spring
With all it's hope and promise
Really just turns out to be
Winter without the snow

Blogging off...


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