Groundhog Day

The strange winter of 2012 continues. It was 40+ degrees again today and almost all the snow is gone. It's been more like a hard Fall than a Winter around here. They attribute it to some sort of La Nina offshoot, but I have to wonder if it's not a continuing reminder of the way greenhouse gases are affecting our climate. We've seen some really weird weather these past ten years or so, and while I'd like to chalk it all up to the weather randomness, I fear the worst. Maybe it's for naught. I hope it is. Besides, I have to have something to worry about.

Evidently Puxatawney Phil saw his shadow so we're blessed with 6 more weeks of winter. I guess if that's the case, at least it will be mild 6 weeks.

I got news today that my poem "Angel with Dirty Faces" was accepted for publication in the 2013 Wisconsin Poets Calendar. My writing instructor and another of her students were also accepted for the calendar as well. I am excited, as it's been a while since I had something published. These little victories keep me going and whet my appetite for more. I've got to get more of my work edited and out there. It seems to me that I spend so much time creating new material for class (and my next memoir) that I don't get enough of it into a final form that can be published. My instructor said that I should devote one day a week to submissions, so I'm going to give that some thought and try and build it into my routine.

Speaking of writing class, we started a new session yesterday. There are a few new people that are in it as well as a woman from previous class. It's nice to have more chairs filled as you tend to get more feedback, and it makes for a livelier discussion. We had a great time again last night. There was murder mystery, memoir, young adult fiction, and adult fiction. So many diverse styles and voices. It makes for a crazy array of stories and keeps it interesting. It's good to be back at it.

In the interest of getting more submissions in, I'll devote the rest of this post to doing just that.

Blogging off...


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