Someday's Disguise

Most people spend their lives looking forward to "someday." A nebulous place to be sure, but one that evidently has more going for it than today, since that's what most people are gunning for; someday.

Someday I'll retire to Florida and golf a lot.
Someday I'll work less and spend more time with the kids.
Someday I'll travel more.
Someday I'll get a better job.
Someday I'll go on a diet and exercise more.
Someday I'll go back to school or take that class.
Someday I'll get back to church/my faith.
Someday I'll forgive my Mom/Dad/Brother/Relative/Friend.
Someday I'll win the lottery.

I'm as guilty as anyone of being a Somedayist. I used to think that someday I'll have a laptop and I'll be set. Of course now that I have one I look forward to someday when I have an iPad.

Before that it was someday I'll have a phone that has texting and a camera on it, then I'll be set. Again, now that I have that I look forward to having a "smartphone" because God knows I need to be surfing the web or running an app, when I'm not on my laptop, or at work, or on my iPad when I get that...someday.

Before that it was someday I'll have an HDTV like my relatives. Of course now that I have one (a very large tube based set), I need an upgrade to a flat screen...someday.

Long before the HDTV, it was someday I'll have cable TV. Now that I have that, I've discovered how much it cost for how little we watch, so we cancelled it. Someday though, we'll be able to justify getting it back.

Someday we'll move to Portland, OR.
Someday I'll take guitar lessons.
Someday I'll get back to finishing my Old Testament journal.
Someday I'll get the BWCA book published.
Someday I'll do a 100 mile bike ride.
Someday I'll catch a bigger musky.
Someday I'll get 4G.

You see, it never ends. Someday is really disguised as today. It is so well disguised that we don't even realize it, let alone appreciate it. While some of us may claim to not have a problem living in "today," we probably would have to admit that there's still a longing in us for something greater in "someday." Something better in tomorrow, something shinier in next week, next month, next year.

The challenge is, what are we sacrificing today because of the energy wasted in thinking about how much better tomorrow might (but probably won't) be? If someday only means the accumulation of more, newer, better, (as many of my thoughts seem to point to), then that too is a sorry state.

None of this is to say we shouldn't have goals and accomplishments to strive for, but rather that we spend a little more time looking back at past days and a little more appreciating our todays.

And that's what I plan to do, because I'm blogging off...


JKK said…
"Someday" is a close cousin of "Just one more thing". Reminds me of the Sara Groves song. :)
Jim Landwehr said…
True that! We are a culture of never enough in a time of never soon enough.

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