Labor Unrest

It is a twitchy time of year for me for a number of reasons. There is a restlessness that comes with the approach of Labor Day and, while I can't pin it to one thing, I can pin it to many.

  1.  Summer's End. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with summer, but it's largely love. I live for wearing shorts, a T-Shirt and sandals every day. It is comfortable, and I milk wearing this combination as long as I can. Sometimes it devolves into strange combinations like shorts and a sweatshirt, a combination my wife reminds me is less than stylish. It's just that I dislike wearing long pants. On the other hand, the "hate" part of summer is the long, hot humid days where your energy is just sapped. That never happens in the other 3 seasons. But, like I said, for the most part I am in love with summer.
  2. Back to School. I haven't been in school for many years, but with my kids going back to high school and college again, I always get a little nostalgic for the experience. Furthermore, we live across the street from Carroll University and with the increase in student traffic, sports events and activities, it's hard not to get caught up in wishing I could go back. Part of that will be satisfied this fall when I am lead a poetry workshop for AllWriters Workplace and Workshop. It's school on a micro scale. It starts on September 24th and like Rod Stewart says, "It's late September and I really should be back at school." So I will.
  3. Boundary Waters. Back in the late 80's and early 90's this was the time of year that my brothers and I took our trip to the BWCA. It was the best time of year because there were few bugs, less people and no blistering heat. If I had my choice, I'd go back up during this time any day. The downside is the fishing isn't great. 
  4. Waning Daylight. The sun starts setting closer to 7:30 than 8:45 like it does at Summer's peak. Short days can only mean one thing. Winter's coming! I know fall is in between there, and I LOVE fall, but I don't like the inevitable aftermath of fall.
  5. The Cabin. Another Labor Day weekend tradition that causes me to wax nostalgic. Unfortunately, with Labor Day falling so late this year and our need to move Sarah into college, we won't be able to get up to Mercer, Wisconsin this year like we usually do. This is perhaps the biggest bummer of the summer. We ALL look forward to that weekend at Pine Forest Lodge because of the many memories and the quality family and friend time we have there. I understand my brother Paul may make it up there this year, in which case he'll have to represent for us. 
So these are the reasons for my restlessness. It's not unbearable, just a kind of unrest that will pass halfway through September. 

Until then, you'll find me in my shorts, a t-shirt and sandals at every available opportunity.

Blogging off...


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