January's Momentary Thaw

Well, the cold snap finally broke yesterday. We had a few days of below zero crap, though it was nothing like two years ago when we were polar-vortexed for a couple of weeks. I was saying on Facebook yesterday where eighteen degrees never felt so good. While that may seem funny, I was being absolutely truthful. I walked home from work in those temps and it was like a dream. On Tuesday I walked to work when it was six below (of my own accord) and nearly lost a few fingertips on the way.

When things are that cold, being outside is work. Getting ready for going out in it is work. Sleeping in a 96 year-old house in it is even a little work. (My furnace hates me.) I love being outside in most any weather, but when it gets to that point it takes the fun out it altogether.

And so when it gets back up into the double digits, well, life in southeastern Wisconsin is pretty dang good. I won't be getting the grill out just yet, but any day I can walk to work without wearing my hood, is a good day. 

I also noticed it's still light out for an hour or so after work. The days are getting slightly longer with each passing week. Today was the first day when I thought, yes, I think I'm going to make it to spring. Of course we have all of February and March to get through, but hey, don't bring me down. I still look back to the non-December we had with essentially no snow until after Christmas as being as the best thing that's happened in a while - for me anyway. Not a winter fan. 

The forecast for the next several days has temps in the twenties and thirties, which again, I will take. I will take them, embrace them and never gripe about 36 and cloudy again. Ever. Until next November.

So goes my annual winter weather rant. It seems every winter I have at least one post where I lament about the craptastic winters we get in this part of the country, so I guess this is that post. I can't wait for longer days.

Blogging off...


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