Resolute Adjustments

Now that we've put 2016 to rest for good, I'm choosing to look to the coming year for what it promises to bring. We talked at church today a bit about how our actions, routines, thoughts and reactions shape what our realities become. Depending on what fuel we're throwing into the fire, we can change the outcome. Knowing this there are some things I want to do, and do better, in 2017. Here is a short list - not resolutions mind you - just adjustments or wants.

  • I want less social media. There's only one person who can fix this problem, and I know who it is. Nothing against any of my Facebook friends, but frankly, we've been spending way too much time together lately. 
  • I want to read books again. I've been trying to read more these past few weeks and I am realizing how much I miss it. For me it is complete escape and fantasy - a bit like the movies. It will also help me be a better writer - you can't do one without the other. The ability to have more time to read should be a direct by product of the previous bullet.
  • I want to be an better instigator. I admit one fault I have is that I rarely organize or instigate a get together. If asked, I'll usually go, but I'm not good at asking. I want to get better at asking, because that's what friends do.
  • I want to listen better. It's funny but now that I've addressed my hearing issues, I've found that it is only half the problem. You can't hear when you're not listening. Now my goal is to do that better too. This is especially true for those closest to me, my wife and my kids. It is a re-training process, but one I want to work on.
  • I want to give more freely. Gifting has never been a strength of mine and I want to get better at it and think of people more consistently. When I give, I am always blessed as the giver - not that that should be my goal - but I need to remember it when I'm waffling on whether to give a gift or not.
  • I want to write more first drafts using pen and paper, and less with my laptop. This is a simple change that can make for better writing - for me at least. The transcribing of the written draft into MS Word allows me to do my first edits in the process.
  • I want to better see peoples talents and beauty before I start counting their faults. Everyone has
    something good to offer the world and I aim to find it more consistently.
I intend to make 2017 a better year and this is just a few ways that will help. I hope you all have a great year too!

Blogging off...


Alice said…
Good resolutions, Jim. I'm working on a couple of them myself. I admire your writing. Thanks for the good ideas.
Jim Landwehr said…
Thank you Alice. My wife mentioned that the post had a number of comma/period mistakes, so I went back and edited. I wrote it during the football game and between that and my dusty laptop screen (and failing eyes, Ha!), I could not tell if things were commas or periods. Thank you again, the admiration is mutual!

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