February Bugs

You have to admit if you're a Midwesterner, this has been a bizarre couple of weeks in February. It actually is toward the tail end of a strange winter. When I got a pair of Cross Country skis for Christmas this year, I actually said, you can officially put your snow blowers away, as I'm sure it will not snow again, now that I have new skis. Well, it has literally only snowed an inch or two since New Years. I was only joking about the snow, but I am actually okay with it.

Throw on top of that the last couple of weeks where the temps have been between the high thirties all the way up to sixty eight forecast for tomorrow, and well, it gets stranger by the day. Knowing this, I've compiled a list celebrating this weather.

The top 10 things I like about sixty degrees in February.

  1. When the wind blows it doesn't hurt your face. Those below zero days when there is a twenty mile per hour wind are killers. 
  2. There are no wicked patches of ice to make me flail about when I hit them while walking to work. Nothing but dry pavement. 
  3. Hope. Having this warm stretch go for so long gives me hope that we're going to make it through the dark days of cold weather. Once we hit March, I know it's still not spring, but at least it's not December. Spring is right around the corner.
  4. Bugs. I actually saw a ladybug flying around outdoors the other day. Others have said they've seen mosquitoes. In February. Go figure.
  5. No heavy coat. I had to bust out my Fall/Spring coat because my winter coat was too warm. This is a good problem to have.
  6. Daylight/Sunlight. We've not only had warm weather, but the sun has been shining a lot lately. It is refreshing and helps my mood.
  7. Heating bills. I love our new furnace, but I love it more when it's not running because it doesn't need to. An unexpected perk of the warm temps.
  8. No shoveling/snow blowing. Usually in February there is some stubborn snow lingering, but I've been hard pressed to find any snow anywhere. Again, I'm okay with this. I'll use the skis (and the snow blower) next winter. Really.
  9. No hats required in the house. When the February winds get blowing, you could fly a kite in our house. My head gets cold and the only way to keep it warm is to wear a baseball cap around the house. It's Donna's temperature barometer of sorts.
  10. Walking to work involves biking to work. I took my bike to work on Monday this week. It was so nice that I thought why am I walking, when I can bike in half the time?
So, it's been a weird February, but frankly, I'm loving it. Friday it cools back down to 33, but hey, we're almost there now. I think we're going to make it.

Blogging off...


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