Manic Fall Cleanup Mode

I want to know if anyone else is like this.

You let some things go in your house, usually clutter, or dirt, or a junk drawer or something, and you just let it go. You work around it, you deny it is there, you hate on it and you neglect it. And over time, it becomes one of those things that grates on you every time you encounter it.

Well, I can be really good at that. In fact, I'd even say ignoring unlikeable projects in hopes that they go away is my super power.

To a point.

This latest breaking point started with steam cleaning the carpets in a couple of bedrooms yesterday. Donna was out of town, so it was a good chance to get it done before the holidays. So off to Home Despot I went, rented a cleaner, and in a little over two hours my carpets were clean and I'd returned the cleaner.

The (good) problem this project created was jump starting me on ten other sub projects that carried into today.

So what originally was going to be storing some backyard items for winter became much more. It became:

  • Get rid of some of these boxes I seem to have an affection for, because why do I need a box for a computer that I no longer have?
  • Reorganize the dang basement cistern (yes, we have a cistern - a formerly disorganized cistern at that.) It is a place of centipedes, dirt and probably a sizable concentration of lead dust from our 95 year old house. Been good knowing ya.
  • Put the backyard chairs in the basement cistern now that it is reorganized.
  • Get rid of some more of these dang boxes!
  • Drain the rain barrel and put it in the garage rafters.
  • Take the kayak racks off the Santa Fe. (This makes me extremely sad, BTW.)
  • What? More boxes? Get rid of them.
  • Get rid of these old golf clubs. They were gone within 15 minutes of putting them on the terrace. Somebody's using some old clubs out there now.
  • Ditch some old CD's
  • Finish putting away fishing equipment for the year. (Again, extremely sad.)
  • Okay, do we need this box?
I came away from the whole experience feeling a great sense of satisfaction. So there's that. 

On to the next set of closet skeletons, I guess.

Blogging off...


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