Grinding It Out

Well, it's finally happened. It's that time of year when I am officially done with winter. DONE. We had the most boring super bowl game ever and now with regards to sports, I have nothing to look forward to until next fall's football season. To add to that, the quirkiness of the weather we've had the past few weeks has pushed me right over the edge.

The problem is, we still have 38 days until the official 1st day of spring (March 20th.)

This seems entirely too long, but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. When this time of year hits, I fall into my power-through-it mode.

Having said that there are some things I pledge to between now and then to get me through it.


  • Continue to drag myself out of bed in relative darkness, do my stretching, and drink my coffee as I plow through my workdays. Work is good. Well, it's warmer than my house, anyway.

  • Keep over dressing to almost clownish proportions at home on the cold days. This includes rotating through my 4 fleeces, wearing my Stormy Kromer hat at night to keep my head warm and a scarf. Yes, a scarf indoors. Looking good, I am sure. 
  • Skate to work on this godforsaken skating rink that we've been blessed with after the last freezing rain/ice storm. I'm waiting for the first big fall of the season, so stay tuned. 
  • Take my dog for extremely short walks. He looks at me and guilts me into taking him out into near zero weather. Most times we get to the end of the driveway and he stops, looks at me and says "Nah, I think I'm good." We went out on the ice yesterday and he was sliding all over the place. Good for a laugh if nothing else.
  • Drink tea. I don't drink a lot of tea from March to November, but in winter IT HELPS.
  • Take my Vitamin D. Sunshine in a pill. IT HELPS!
  • Stay as busy with activities in writing, poetry and church group activities as I can. They get me out of my chair/scarf/Kromer and keep me intellectually engaged.
  • Salting and shovelling as needed. However I am about three weeks from my give up point where I say, "It'll melt" and quit shovelling altogether. Everyone gets to that point.
  • Keep attending outdoor shows and watching fishing videos. It's hard to believe the lakes will ever thaw, but it happens I'm told. And when it does, I'll fish again. The Milwaukee Musky Expo is next weekend. I'm planning on it.
  • Continue to blog about how much I hate winter. Because, IT HELPS.
  • Keep checking out books from the library. Those late night hours (after it gets dark at 5:00) can make for some serious reading time. Just finished William Kent Krueger's book Thunder Bay and am currently working on Ram Dass' book, Grist for the Mill and, Grounded: Finding God In The World by Dr. Diana Butler Bass and The Sun magazine which I read cover to cover every issue.
  • Finish my binge-watching of Schitt's Creek on Netflix. I should pick a series every winter and plow through it like I've done with this one. Between it and NFL football, it is the sum total of my TV watching.
  • Ski. If we get another decent snowfall I may even cross-country ski one more time. Maybe, yeah. Unless its to cold/rainy/dark/warm/deep. So, maybe.

Before I know it, it will be March 20th. I keep telling myself this and I know it's much longer than that until "real spring" hits but IT HELPS.

Blogging off...


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