Hope Springs Eternal

It seems we are on the cusp of spring, for real this time. As with everyone else, this is a long awaited season of expectancy for me. The older I get, the more I need spring. This past winter was brutal, starting after one of the crappiest Novembers in a long time.

There are a few things that help ramp up the giddiness for the coming warmth.

  • Brewers Opening Day. I'm a fair weather baseball fan, but always appreciate the possibilities of opening day. Back when the Brewers played at County Stadium, I used to try and get to an opening day every once in a while. It was almost always a guarantee that it would be rainy, cold, or snowy for it, so the memories are of dressing warm, lots of beer, and more Brewer losses than wins. (They weren't very good in the late '80s.)
  • Kayaking Season. We sold our Santa Fe, SUV this past winter, so my kayak hauler of choice has become a minivan. Lord, help me. I rigged it with some roof racks that I got for a song on Amazon, so all we need now it ice-out.
  • Biking. I picked up my bike from Wheel and Sprocket today. I got it "tuned up" and had them put a new chain and sprocket on the back. Now, I'm old school. Back in the day I could get a tune up and the whole thing cost less than $60. This one cost me $179.00. The sticker shock of it just about knocked me over. I have a hard time paying that much for a CAR repair. What the heck? I guess it is just the new normal and I've got to get used to it.
  • Open Windows. In the car or in the house. I miss it and the fresh air gives me hope.
  • Walking Without Fear Of Falling. A friend pointed out that the ice this winter was the worst part. Worse than the snow, or the cold. I kind of have to agree. 
  • Fishing Season. This is probably the thing I miss the most. Alone in my kayak or together with a friend in his boat, fishing is my Zen. My friend has a new, bigger boat this year, so that's nice too. I'm not an ice fisherman, so this is my season. Unfortunately it has to wait until mid-may when the season opens.
So, it looks like we're going to make it. The last of the snow has melted in our yard and I even see green shoots around. I'm not sure, but maybe just maybe, spring is happening.

Blogging off...


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