Art and Appreciation

Yesterday was my wife's birthday. It was also a really, really good day.

It started, as most every Saturday does, with our weekly coffee date at a local coffee shop. This time together is where we talk through what has transpired during the week, we look to the future, talk about our kids and our friends, and ruminate about politics, culture and our world. It has become sacred time to both of us. We both miss it on those weeks we have other commitments or are traveling. It grounds us and sets the stage for the coming week.

From there, we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. We have a membership that we bought last May and haven't used, so we thought we'd squeak a visit in. The nice thing about a membership is you can see the special exhibits any time they come. We strolled through three of them, taking our time and admiring the art. Then we moved into the Portrait of Milwaukee portion and stepped back in time through the black and white photos of the city we both love and call home now. These trips to the Museum are always cathartic; a chance to slow down, appreciate the gifts of a multitude of artists.

After the Museum we went to IKEA to look for window treatments. We're not really shoppers, but still we go in with a target item in mind and almost always come away with a couple extra items.

When we got home, I went off to write, while she watched a movie. After that we moved a heavy dresser into our newly painted bedroom and got that situated. We closed out the evening watching the Badger football game together with the pets on the the couch.

The day sort of signifies what our marriage is all about. We enjoy each others' company over coffee, while taking in art, culture, sports and even shopping on occasion. We also recognize that we need time apart pursuing our own interests - too much time together is never good, and I say that with great respect, not to be cutting. And with regards to the dresser, we recognize the importance of working together to make our home what it is - as humble as ours is. And, trust me, we have a humble little house.

I don't proclaim to have a perfect marriage - I don't know of anyone who does. I do think it takes work and sacrifice and patience. We need to recognize the rhythms of each other and roll with them. It isn't always easy, but when you have a good day, it can be really, really good.

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