The View From The Bunker

Typically today I would post a "Picture My Life" post on this blog. Those posts started as a creative exercise a few weeks back and I've had fun with them.

But I'll be honest, like many of you I've been sorta obsessed with the impending doom of the coronavirus pandemic we're all facing.

It has occupied my mind space worse than anything ever has, I think. I google about it. I check Twitter and Facebook for updates about it. And worst of all, I can't not think about it. It's right there - all the grim reports and updates - staring us down as a country and a world.

The closest thing I think I can compare it to was Operation Desert Storm, when I would come home from work and watch the war on Kuwait on the news. EVERY NIGHT. We had not had involvement in a war like that in a while, so I was fairly obsessed.

So it goes today, except with Coronavirus. 

I am of an obsessive enough nature that I know I am going to have to find something constructive to do with my time, or I will go insane. Especially if we are told to work from home. That really sounds like a mixed blessing at this point. I love my work. But just as much, I love my workplace, my coworkers and the environment. 

But I realize in order to save lives, we will be asked to not do what we once did. We will be encouraged to isolate and distance ourselves from people. 

More anxiety and dread with your salad, sir? Oh, yes. Heap it on.

I hate what this pandemic has revealed about the humanity we have become. A selfish, panic stricken bunch of toilet paper hoarders. Me first. I got mine!

So it will be my aim in the coming weeks and months to remain level-headed, compassionate, and as calm as I can. I need to limit my news, maximize my creative outlets and make the best of a horrible situation.

This weekend my daughter surprised us by coming home from Minnesota with her boyfriend, Sam. My son Ben was down from Madison as well. It was SO good to be together with them again. It was a reminder that no matter what happens out there, we are a strong, loving family. We've got each other and a half a dozen ways to keep in touch. I aim to do more of that as we all weather the storm together. 

Because right now, that's about all I've got to lean on.

Stay safe, stay home and stay strong.

Blogging off...


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