Firmly Grounded In Disappointment

 I'm not supposed to be here, blogging as I am.

No. Today Donna and I were slated to fly from Chicago to London where we would spend a few days, and then continue on to Scotland. 

Of course with 2020 being what it is, the trip didn't happen. We anguished over whether we should sit on the tickets in March when the COVID-19 bottom fell out, in hopes that things would get better. The option was to go for the refund voucher good for a year. We opted for the latter, thankfully, so are not out any money, just denied the guilty pleasure of a European vacation.

I realize this is a first world problem. Few have the opportunity to travel abroad. People should have such problems, I guess. At the same time, I am grateful we got there in 2018 when we spent 10 days in London. The trip spoiled both of us by exposing us to how much is really out there to be discovered. So much beauty and history and culture to be seen, learned and experienced.

It's also incredibly ironic that on the day we were to leave, Scotland hit the highest active cases in the whole pandemic. This translates to, nothing is going to change for a while. They are not letting anyone in especially Americans, and I can't blame them one bit. We are like the snot-nosed kid when it comes to our infection track record. My only hope is that next year at this time, I'm not blogging about how I didn't get to go in 2021 either.

My wife put it best when saying the best thing to do in 2020 is to get used to disappointment. It's all we've seen since March, at least from an entertainment and social interaction standpoint. No concerts, no movies, no theater, no sports. No, no, no, just no. 

So as much as I dislike the fact that we were denied an amazing trip, I've had months to let the disappointment fester. It's not gone, but it is way better than when we cancelled the trip altogether. Now all I want people to do is behave and try and buy time until we can get a vaccine. 

And until then, I plan to keep on practicing my reaction to disappointment.

Blogging off...


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