Fly in the Ointment

12 Inches and still coming down. Lovely. The fun just never stops. I almost became the dead man in the snowbank you read about in the paper on my walk to work this morning. I've seen some doozies for storms, but this has to be in the top 5 or so. I'm sure there were folks driving to work wondering who that deranged snow-covered maniac singing to the ipod was.

Needless to say they closed work at Noon. Why they opened it I'll never understand, but I think they have to say they tried. Oh well, 1/2 day off beats none at all. Got a nap in, some shovelling and some Q time with the kids. I guess that's all anyone can ask for on a snow day.

Boys Club last night was a bust because of the weather. Ben was the only boy form our post that showed up. We had 5 3rd graders and 5 leaders. Kind of silly. It goes back to why did they not cancel it, but hey, I've hashed that point already.

And so it goes.

Blogging off...



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