Groundhog Day...Imagine, 28 Degrees and Flurries

Winter continues its relentless assault on the fine people of Wisconsin. Annoying 2 inch snowfalls interspersed between back breaking 7 inchers. I was out the yesterday at 6:20 shovelling and JUST GROUSING about it. Muttering to myself. "Stupid snow, stupid state, stupid climate, stupid clouds, stupid snowbank, stupid ice patch, stupid shovel...well you get the drift. After doing this for about 20 minutes I snapped out of it and realized that it wasn't helping me get the shovelling done. It felt good and seemed very much like the thing to do, but was doing me no good in building a case to face another day at work.

So I sucked it up and started thinking how lucky I was to have a house with a walk to shovel. How lucky to be able to be physically able to shovel. Just three short years ago I was laid up flat on my back on muscle relaxants and NSAIDs because I had pinched a disc. So, what was I to grumble about. Brush fires weren't burning down my house, January tornadoes were spared from our neighborhood, (unlike Kenosha, WI) and I wasn't dealing with mudslides, floods or invasive species. Get over it I did, and I'm a better person for it.

Point to ponder: If someone doesn't grind a stump down after they've cut down a large tree and it sends up 9 "baby trees" out of the stump, have they really solved the problem?

Yoga continues to be as challenging and revitalizing as I had hoped...maybe even moreso. I look forward to it as the highlight of my week. I feel so much better after a session, it's really quite a transformation. It has occurred to me though that this is not something that I can check off my list of resolutions "Take a yoga class", like I had hoped. Yoga is really a lifestyle, or a practice you should build into your routine. I hope to be able to at least take the concepts and the basic principles and poses and run with them.

Well, as usual, there's a lineup for the computer, so I'll say goodbye for now. (I want a laptop).

Blogging off...



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