Briefs, not Boxers

Got out from writing class a bit early and was feeling inspired.

I'm still struggling with the difference between being a "writer" and just someone who likes to write. Is it that it must be a profession to qualify as a writer? Being published? I think those two would certainly qualify, but I don't think you can discount the lover of writ.

I'm not sure why it's bugging me, but I'm sure I'll work through it.

I need a laptop. Or even a second PC. Something with a keyboard that is off limits to anyone under 18 in this house. Is that so wrong?

I am at mile 830 on my 1000 mi. bike quest. It's beginning to lose it's allure and has become a bit more like grunt work. I'll finish it, to be sure, but it will be more of a relief than I would have guessed.

Part of it may be that I ride the same trail every day which is my fault, no doubt. It's just close, easy to get to and off limits to cars, so seems like the best way to get to 1000.

I've already begun to think about what next summer's bucket list item will be. Hmmmm...

Ben's Open House for 5th grade was tonight. The new teacher seems nice enough. A new teacher to Randall, but in his 3rd year of teaching 5th grade. He's a big dude, so should command their attention. (Though, remember Arnold S. in Kindergarten Cop. "It's not a tumor!")

Summer is screaming to and end and I hate it. The thought of cold and snow makes me itch. Sure we have the holidays and all that, but given the choice, year round summer or no holidays, well, pass me my sandals and shades.

No word from the fine folks at Ewald Kia. What a joke. If this post dissuades ONE person from shopping at Ewald KIA in Oconomowoc, WI., it will have been worth it. I sent them a nasty gram, expecting some sort of follow-up call and I got nothin'. So goes the world these days, I guess. No one cares about the customer anymore.

Well, I am weary and my book is calling. (Truck, by Michael Perry, I highly recommend it) So, for now I'm...

Blogging off.


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