Travels and the Trivial

Our recent trip to the Shoreview MN and on to the North Shore of Lake Superior was quite a whirlwind tour, some of which I'll touch on here.

The week started with the long drive to MN. We stopped for lunch at the Norske Nook in Osseo, WI. Being a Friday, Donna and I opted for the fish fry and all four of us had pie for dessert. The blueberry crumble was fabulous!

I headed out to my 30th High School Reunion on Friday night. What a trip back in time for me. I hadn't darkened the doors of my old school since '79 when I walked out them. It was weird walking through the doors again.

It was great to see my old friends Pat, Pete and John, who I hung with most of the night. We all agreed that if one or the other of us wouldn't have made it, the others wouldn't have.

One of my ex-classmates had a few too many MGD's and managed to make a fool of himself. If there's one mistake you shouldn't make, that's right up there. People remember that kind of thing.

A couple of guys came up to me and after seeing my name said, "We were all wondering who that tall, bald guy was." It turns out it was only Landwehr.

Saw my old homeroom teacher, who's since quit teaching and is now making a decent living as a magician. He's still as nice as ever and hasn't lost a step in the magic arena either.

Overall, it was a very good experience, despite our trepidation about what it would be like. We agreed that High School wasn't all that traumatic after all and that most of the jerks have mellowed over the years.

Saturday morning was golf with Pat and Pete at the Highland 9 hole course. We all managed to golf like it was our first time again, but had a TON of laughs along the way. We got a nice picture and vowed to do it again.

Saturday night we had the second half of our reunion at Costello's in St. Paul. My classmate Mike Costello actually owns the place. It was a mellower occasion as most of the revelry had taken place the night before. Besides, I had to cut out at 8:30 to head to my sisters for a family and friends' 70's party.

The 70's party was really a great time. Jane spared no expense, and missed no details. She had a tent, sound system and a portable dance floor, complete with disco ball. I had forgotten how great the music of the 70's was. Three Dog Night, Boston, Billy Preston, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac. A friend of Jane's had a 30,000 song ITunes collection and managed to find every song I requested and more. He was a DJ stud! A good DJ can make a good party great.

On Sunday we packed for our BWCA/Superior Shores trip. I plan on adding the BW trip to my work-in-progress memoir, so will save that for my upcoming book. (Seriously.)

Our Superior Shores adventure requires it's own space, so I'll save that for later.

Blogging off for now...


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