She's Ruined Me Now

Went to see Norah Jones with Donna last night. It was amazing. She has such a gift in her voice. It had me absolutely swooning. She did most of her new album sprinkled in with a few of her old songs. It would have been disappointing if her new album wasn't so darn good. Her electric guitar handling was not "clumsy looking" as one critic noted in a review about her prior shows. She's a natural with any instrument she's playing, including guitar, piano, organ, harpsichord, or whatever. She's simply phenomenal, and had a backing band that was really something too. (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, and drums) It was a night I'll remember for a long time.

It was an interesting study in human behavior and what people do, say and wear. A pretty tame audience with a mix from 20 somethings all the way up to older farts than me.

The nice thing I noticed about the concert was it wasn't too loud. The acoustics were spot on and the sound level was perfect. I told Donna my warped idea of a concert was one that was held in a Hockey Arena where you got a 32 OZ mega-bad-beer and sat in chairs that were too cramped. You'd spend most of intermission in line for the bathroom and you'd come out of the thing with a mid-level hearing loss, the beginnings of lung cancer and in desperate need of a shower. This was a much BETTER experience and the after effects are only good.

Before the concert, we went out to dinner at Bunkers on Greenfield. We both had fish fries, which were pretty good, but the memorable dish was their bread cheese. It was like a gourmet cheese curd. Phenomenal. I would recommend them to anyone. (74th and Greenfield). It's a small place, so get there early or wait till summer when their outdoor seating opens.

So, it was a really great evening all-in-all. I simply LOVE my wife, and nights like last night remind me why I fell in love with her in the first place. She seemed to enjoy the whole experience too, despite being tired from a bout of insomnia the night before. She was a trooper and I love her for it.

Talked to a woman at work yesterday who I've seen at church a couple of times. Turns out she's going through some tough times, and through it all she's found a place (Elmbrook) where she's got a decent support network and can talk through some things. It was refreshing to be able to talk about spiritual things with someone at work in such a frank and personal way. She discovered I'm trying to write a book, and was curious about that, though extremely respectful of my privacy. As I said, it was just cool talking on something more than a superficial level with someone at work who's not all full of themselves. Completely humble. A rarity indeed.

Well, I've got a zillion things to do, so better tend to them before it's friggin' Monday morning again, so I'll Blog off...


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