Spent the better part of my morning, my Saturday morning, installing an upgrade at work today. It was going so smoothly. I went in at 9:00 and it was almost done at 9:45. Then, in epic ESRI ArcIMS fashion, it failed. I guess I can't blame it on ESRI this time as it was really a case of Servlet Exec not talking to the Java Advanced Imaging libraries very nicely.

After uninstalling and re-installing Servlet Exec three different times, I finally had to walk away. I went and ran some errands that I had to get to and gave myself time to think. It really is amazing what walking away from a problem can do sometimes. I deduced that if I uninstall the Java SDK and then re-install it and the Java Advanced Imaging, something might click.

Well, the fourth time is a charm. This time SE saw the JAI and all was well. Victory! It's funny how every time I run an upgrade of this stuff I get a different outcome. It's because this stupid software is 4 levels deep. You have IIS and windows at level 1. Then you have Java Runtime at level 2. At level 3 you have Servlet Exec, and level 4 is ArcIMS. If any one of these cursed products doesn't install or uninstall correctly, you have a friggin' headache. I was so happy by the fourth install I actually clapped when I got it figured out. It's the little things in life.

So my father and mother in law are headed this direction. They were taking the train and got waylaid because of a derailment. Doesn't that suck? Their first experience on the train (in a long time at least) and they get that. They were supposed to be in a t 2:30 and are still not here. Hopefully they'll make the 5:40 train in Chicago and get up here by 7:00 or so. If not, it could be as late as 9:30 before they get to Milwaukee. That would mean they'd been on a train for almost 24 hours. Ugh. They won't likely be taking the train again is my guess.

Well, I've got to get to my short story on dead pets of the past, so until next time, I'm...blogging off.


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