Sea of Fire

This whole oil slick disaster has got me sick to my stomach. How mankind can be so incredibly destructive to the planet we inhabit is just beyond me. I realize that I contribute to the problem by driving a car, but I do walk or bike to work for what that's worth. It's these clods that build these behemoth oil rigs and then qualify it with saying "the safety mechanism wasn't supposed to fail". Uh, really? And did you run any disaster scenarios in the rare case that it would happen? Or maybe have a plan in place to contain a spill the size of, oh say, the Gulf of Mexico?

For all our government is meddling in places it shouldn't, it fails at regulating something like this? Oh the humanity! I'm not pinning this on the current administration, but rather government over the ages. My skepticism is party neutral.

Enough downer for tonight.

I won't be going fishing this weekend, because the weather is going to be crappy. 40's and rainy, with a 15 mph wind. Wow, sign me up! My buddy called and asked me if I would object to not going. As disappointed as I am, it still beats fishing in the sleet. I'll probably still take the day off work. Donna told me to use it to "go somewhere and write". And so I will. The library maybe, Starbucks maybe, maybe both. It's not even close to the joy of pulling in a walleye, but it'll have to do, I guess.

Otherwise, this has been a long week. If today is only Wed., then will Friday ever arrive?

More on Friday during my non-fishing vacation day of writ. Blogging off...


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