What Stinks?

So far I think the score is Skunk 2, Dad 0. A week ago we had a skunk spray under our porch where he was evidently residing. I did my best to make a one-way door so he could escape, but not return. After about 5 days, I plugged the hole for good and I thought I was rid of him.

Well, I think he's back. I found a couple new holes today. Curses! So, I set into obsessive compulsive mode and built a new one-way door so he/she/it could again escape and not return. I then sealed the rest of the perimeter, including his second hole, so he couldn't go out any way except the one way door.

It was probably quite a site from the road; me belly flopped on top of the bushes we have in front of our house jerry-rigging the chicken wire and blocking the rest of the potential entrance points with bricks and boards. It was like caddyshack a bit. I cannot rest until my house is my own again. That friggin' rodent or whatever a skunk is. (Marsupial?) Annoying is what it is.

I will keep you posted on the catch and release method. Hopefully I didn't tick him off too much that he retaliates, the little bugger. I just want to avoid having to have animal control come out here. That's like three hundred bucks. If I didn't think he'd stink to high heaven when dead, I'd do the rat poison thing. That would show him. (Until the heat of July when we couldn't take it anymore.

Will post again soon. Blogging off...


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