And the Envelope Please...

Just returned from the Central Middle School Academic Awards Ceremony. Sarah, like last year. got awards for Social Studies, World Languages, and Academic Achievement. I'm so proud of her I could just burst, yet she is the humblest person alive. To her it's just a matter of anything less just wouldn't be right.

It makes me think back to my grade school/middle school years, and we didn't really have these kind of recognitions. Or maybe we did, and I just wasn't invited. (That's more likely the case.)

I liked grade school, but was as shy as all get-out. I was a runner-up vote as most shy kid in my 8th grade class. Just an introvert. I think I've grown out of it a bit, but if you know me, I'm still a pretty private person. A stuffer and a bit of a loner. (That's loner with an 'n', not an 's'.)

For instance, I was never one much for sleeping over at friends' houses. Ben would do it every weekend, if given the chance. He's so social, and I don't know where he gets it. (It's not from his Mother either.)

On a different subject, a house up the street has what amounts to an English garden that traverses their entire house. Very well maintained and all of that. I find myself stopping (or slowing) by it every time I walk the dog now. There must be a thousand different perennials in that thing and there's always something in bloom. So I officially know I am getting old when I not only notice this, but it's amazing to me. The homeowners are nuts and twigs kind of people; nice enough.

I wish I had that love for gardening, but I don't. In fact I hate it. We just got a rain barrel this weekend and the thought of hooking it up sounds like a lot of work. It won't be, but to someone who hates yard work with a passion, it's work, believe me.

Well, Tuesday looms and I'm weary from my Monday, so I'll blog off...


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