Microsoft Support - Part Two

So my new 25 digit code came in only 24 hours. I guess a day = five to ten days in India or something. Needless to say I was impressed with the speed that they were able to get it to me.

I would have been really impressed if it actually worked.

When I went to plug in the number, I got the familiar message that the account did not have enough information.

Dial 1-800-Not-XBox

I spent 45 minutes with a nice lady, proceeded to give her all my personal information, much like I did with GFI1 and GFI2. This included at least one iteration of my 25 digit code. After trying my now-changed username and password twice, once from the console and once from the computer, she determined that she needed to "escalate" the issue to her support manager.

Enter guy from India #3.

He proceeds to get some of my vital information, blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol and a few other incidentals, including my 25 digit code.

"Bothersome, Tedious, Grating, 2, 3 dash Dumb, Yapping, Joyless, 7, 3, dash Migraine, Stupid, Flawed, Yapper, 4, dash Futile, Rude, Condescending, 6, 1, dash, Bonehead, Idiot, Demeaning, 5, Gomer."

"Thank you Mr. Landwehr, please hold"

There's Mr. Landwehr again. Who invited him?

And guess what the outcome was? I got a message saying there was not enough information for this account.

His answer was the worst, most lame answer I'd ever gotten from a support person at any level.

"Well, perhaps your user name is locked in our server somehow. Perhaps try it later and it may work."

Seriously. That was his answer.

The kicker is I got a survey today asking how my XBox support "experience" was. A bit like a root canal where the drill bit was left in the socket is how it was. Sandpaper on my nose. A lemon juice eye rinse. A cactus jockstrap. Bamboo ear piercing.

None of them were quite bad enough to encapsulate my feelings, so I gave it to them. We'll see where it goes from here.

Stay tuned. Blogging off...


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