Plumber's Helper

We had a nice clog in the tub this morning when I woke up. Turns out it was clogged last night when Sarah took her shower, but no on managed to tell me. Of course the cat thinks its just his big water dish (Yuk) and kept trying to drink from it, so I had to steer him away.

I plunged until my arm was like a strawberry twizzler, to no avail. I finally gave up and went to work. I came home at noon to try and snake it out and had no luck. Donna helped me with working the drill operated snake, and it turned into a bit of a marital comedy. She would run the drill, while I fed it down the drain, and at times she would get a bit too zesty with the trigger and the thing would coil up like a friggin' spring. Then she'd run it in reverse to uncoil it and then more of the same, only in reverse.

We managed to put a couple of right angle kinks in the $25 snake to the point where it wasn't going down at all. I extracted it and said we're calling our friend the plumber. I figure that was cheaper than a divorce lawyer. ;-) (Just kidding, we were fine.)

So our plumber friend comes over and takes his pressure power plunge thingy and blasts the clog right out. Donna says he didn't take more than 15 minutes. It cost us a hundred bucks, which I'm guessing is a deal because he's a friend and wouldn't screw us. Still, a little hundred dollar shot to the kidneys in the middle of our week is never a happy day.

It was one of those unpleasant reminders that we live in an OLD house. One day we won't, and I will miss none of this nonsense. New plumbing with new electricity, and new insulation, and new windows, and a new condo mortgage. That's all I ask.

Since the plumbing incident, all I've wanted to do is go to bed, and that's where I'm going.

Blogging off...


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