Zodiac Pack, Jack!

So the whole zodiac thing has people wondering what they are. Aries are now Pisces. Sagittarius's are now Ophiuchus. Well, that would be me and you know what? I ain't buyin' it.

In fact, I'm not buying the whole zodiac thing at all. I am who I am, not who some distant astrologer says I am. If that's the case, maybe I should read my hocus-pocus horoscope too, so I can live in fear (or unfound hope) of something that someone else dreamed up. People that live by that credo crack me up.

This week has been tough for our family. Rob's situation got a bit more defined this week and it's been exceptionally hard on Sarah. She has such a big heart (as does Ben) and sees the whole thing as so unfair, which it is. The whole deal has brought great clarity in our family as to what is truly important and the chaff that makes up the rest.

My own struggles with it have been mounting for some time as well. This week I feel I've had some increased understanding with why we're being put through this. It's tough to describe, but suffice it to say I'm a week further at peace with what's going on than I was last week. It continues to shape the whole extended family in ways that none of us expected. There is a circle of love and closeness that is amazing to watch. Things are falling into place, and now all that's left is the healing and God's miracle.

Before I close I have to talk of the forthcoming Packer/Falcons game. I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said by the countless sportswriters covering the hoopla. I just hope they win. That would be sweet, because I think they can beat Chicago or Seattle, no prob. Bring it on.

That's my week. Blogging off...


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