What Matters

is not the money you make - Doesn't buy love

or the person you're holding a grudge against, - Resolve it!

or the car you drive (or long to drive) - Your kids will drive it when it's crushed and recycled

or the house you live in - Soon to be occupied by someone else

or the clothes you wear - They'll look good on that third world person soon enough

or the job you have - Someone's waiting in the wings for it anyway

or what party you belong to - For every Democrat there's a negating Republican and vice verse.

or the iPhone you have or want - Seriously? Please.

or any other hand-held or electronic gadget - A new version that will make yours obsolete


Faith, Family, and Friends in that order.

Relish each day. Life is a vapor. Live, Love, Dance, Laugh.

Blogging off...


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