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Well, it's finally out. The winter edition of Boundary Waters Journal came out this week. My article is on pg. 27. I was surprised at how little editing was done to it. It is almost all there. I can't stop being excited about it. It's such a huge step for me, despite being one measly article. There's something about getting that first recognition that lifts you up. I guess it's why writers write.

I won't dwell on it anymore, lest I make myself a bore, but I will tell you it is available at Barnes and Noble retail outlets (not sure about online), Gander Mountain also carries it. I'm not sure about other outdoor stores or Cabelas, but they may if they sell books and magazines. Also I believe you can get it from Boundary Waters Journal online (I think they sell single, current issues.)

So, support your local author, a small publicher and your local sporting goods store. Buy one for a friend too!

Saw a house on my walk with Toby tonight that kind of freaked me out. You know how they have those 3 candle Christmas light things in the window? Well this one had that in every window. That much isn't bad, it's just that the bulbs were an orange color, and a bit too bright that they gave the impression when you first looked at the house, that the house was on fire. I kid you not. It looked like flames in every window. It was perhaps the worst Christmas decorating attempt of the year for me. Just an observation.

Well, my brother Tom was appointed as Minnesota's DNR Commisioner today by Governor Mark Dayton. I'm so happy for him and proud too. He's so deserving of it, as he's worked his whole life in wildlife preservation and management. I can't think of anyone more qualified. He'll do a great job and the State of Minnesota is lucky to have him.

I got a half-invitation to sit on a panel at the Southeast Wisconsin Book Festival this summer. My writing instructor said she was thinking of me sitting on a panel to discuss submission, publication and writing. She wanted me to represent the people who "fall into" writing. Her example was how I came to her studio to write a memoir and ended up doing poetry, (among other things). It'd be great exposure, so I think I'm going to accept if she finalizes the details. Plenty of time to think about that.

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