Smoking is so....Regal

A couple of weird things happened today that have been rattling around my head, so I thought I'd get them out by writing them out.

I was in the store today and in front of me was a gentleman who asked the clerk for a carton of Pall Mall unfiltereds.

Now for starters, I didn't even think they made those things anymore. I seriously think it's a misdemeanor to smoke them in 9 states. You need a permit in 6 others, I'm guessing. Seriously. Those things pack a punch. In my twenties, I had about a half of one and got so dizzy I couldn't drive. Seriously. And this guy was buying a carton of them? I would think you'd need at least a doctor's note to even buy a carton of them. (Dr. Kevorkian in this case.) I figured this guy was aiming to end his life tonight. in a cloud of smoke, so to speak.

Anyhow once I got past the fact that they still make Pall Malls, and that people still smoke them, I watched the clerk ring it up to the tune of $84.00!


I got Pall Mall-dizzy all over again when I saw that come up on the register.

I guess everyone has their vice. Mine is the occasional $2.00 cup of coffee, which is a travesty in its own right. I'm also grateful that I never took up that habit to the tune of ever needing to buy a carton. Thank God for small mercies.

The other weird thing that happened today was that every time I turned around, there was a Buick Regal . Now the weird thing about this is that my brothers and I were just talking about these on our fishing trip a few weekends ago. We were joking on how the median age for drivers of them is about 82 years old, which is pret' near the truth.

The ones I saw were not new either, most of them five years old or so. They are not a stylish car at all. They are like the Ford Taurus for people over 65, I think. They are boat-like in appearance and likely handle like a boat. But my question stands. Why did I see so many today? Was it because I'm attuned to the whole Regal thing, thanks in part to my brothers? Or is Waukesha just a big Buick market?

I don't know, but if you see me in one in 20 years, tell me to stay in my lane.

Blogging off...


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