Homecoming Revisited (Is that redundant?)

I went to the Waukesha South Homecoming game tonight. It was a 34 - 7 blowout where South was never really in the game. It was much like the other games I went to this year. Tough to watch, over by halftime for the most part. It's not a knock against the football program, but I guess it probably is ultimately.

Going to these games brings back memories of homecoming games when I was a student at Cretin High School. Cretin was much like the Waukesha South team at the time. A not-very-good team in a tough conference. I don't recall seeing them win a game, actually. I would usually go to these games with a few friends, mainly to goof around and flirt. (Which is pretty much what my daughter does at them too, so some things never change.) I'd watch the games of course, but they were always such blowouts that I'd lose interest and end up goofing off...and flirting.

It's kind of ironic because now Cretin has a good team that is consistently in the State Championship game that is played at the Metrodome. They finally won the big game last year after coming in second so many times. It however is a much different scenario now. The program has money behind it, big money. Tuition at the school is considerably (exponentially) higher than when I was a student there. I was able to pay my last two years' tuition by working as a busboy a couple nights a week. Try and find a student that can do that in these times. I don't thing it's happening. Not with what tuition costs.

So it was a walk down memory lane. And we lost, just like we did 35 years ago. Football is timeless.

Blogging off...


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