Electrical Storm

So, we had our electricians come today and they were tasked with 3 things:

1. Put a new outlet on the porch.
2. Move the cable/router from the sun room to the new office, leaving a circuit in the sun room.
3. Put 2 new outlets in the new office, but run them off the "new" circuit from the back sun room, not the old wiring.

The had given us a quote a couple of weeks ago.

As it turns out, the guy who I had the very detailed discussion with about wanting the new outlets coming off the new circuit, had truck troubles and couldn't make it.

You see where this is going, right?

Yes, they hooked up the two new outlets to the "circuit over the bathroom fan," which is running off our old wiring. Donna called them on it and the guy said "well, computers don't really draw that much juice, so you should be fine." Not to be crossed, Donna stood her ground and said "It's the cause of our breakers tripping enough as it is. Fix it right"

She explained that I had talked to the lead electrician 6 weeks ago about how I wanted it, and she said she wanted it done that way. I give her a lot of credit. She played tough and they respected her.

I pictured the guy up in the attic after that cussing and kicking himself. We figure it added about 1.5 hours to their job, and no one was more upset than them I think.

When I got home it was my job to re-hook everything back up. "Everything" includes a PC Tower, mouse, keyboard, external DVD Writer, external hard drive, monitor, and printer.

Picture a tall man in a small, dimly lit space, with 3 miles of electrical cords, trying to thread said cords through a 2 inch circular hole in the back panel of the desk. Needless to say I grabbed my box cutter and widened the hole by several inches.

After several attempts to "organize" the cords using zip ties and methodical techniques of plugging into the power strip, it still ended up looking like I had organized them by running them over with the lawn mower.

For example, I bundled several cords together using zip ties, and shortening the cords up as much as I could. Then, when I went to my final adjustments of the monitor, I realized that it needed to be moved...farther than the bundle would allow. I managed to make it work, but it was nothing like you'd see in the Home Depot video.

So I got it done, but there were a few choice words and a few compromising non-yoga like poses. It was not my favorite task, but I can live with this cord pile until the next major re-work or PC upgrade.

Life is too short for organized cords.

Blogging off...


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