The Year Of What Could Be

Instead of posting my New Years Resolutions, which is really between me and myself, I thought it would be more interesting to post a list of 10 things I would like to see in 2014. The list will be idealistic because if we're not striving for an ideal, we're probably heading the wrong way. These ideas can range from easily achievable to so far out they'll never happen. In fact the latter of the two is where most of them will probably land, because, if one doesn't aim high, you'll usually achieve the less-than-you-hoped-for anyway. Keep in mind this is strictly my opinion and if you're with me great, if not, no hard feelings.

  1. An end to talking heads like Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and the rest. It doesn't matter their leanings, left or right, they're all smug, snarky, mean spirited people. I feel if you listen to or watch them enough, you might become like them. 
  2. The development of a wildly popular 3rd political party. They could call it the Smart Party, or the "Get it Done" Party. I realize we have independent and libertarian parties, but we need people to get behind something new enough and popular enough, to get the partisan-backing foot-draggers out of government.
  3. A mandate that bans the use of guns in any movie trailer. We are obsessed with the glorification of guns in this country and we wonder why we have weekly mass shootings. When I go to a nonviolent movie, I shouldn't be subjected to seeing someone get shot, but hey, that's just me.
  4. A Federal ban on High Fructose Corn Syrup. The stuff is killing us and it's being pushed on us by the likes of Monsanto and the other food giants.
  5. A monthly Give Back To Your Community day where everyone is given a day off of work if they spend it helping a neighbor, agency or business. This would require an agency to coordinate all the volunteers, but imagine the good it could do for a city.
  6. For every $10 Million we spend on military, the government matches it with 10 million toward job stimulus, solar panels, food for the hungry, or improving our schools.
  7. The death of all reality shows. Haven't we had enough? How insulted do we have to be before we turn it off and read a book? 
  8. No free soda refills, and no sodas over 12 oz. served anywhere. Additionally, no burger served will be more than 1/4 lb. We need this to save us from ourselves. We obviously are incapable of controlling our gluttony.
  9.  Tougher drunk driving laws, especially in WI. There should be no chance for a 3rd offense, let alone a fifth. The person should be in prison at this point. Seriously, c'mon.
  10. No mention of a "winter storm" unless it brings 6" or more, and no more stupid weathermen standing on a sidewalk telling us about how it's starting to accumulate. Snow does that. Furthermore, no interviewing someone scraping their windshield, shovelling snow, pumping gas or hoarding groceries because we're slated to get 8". I mean, really.
There it is. Idealistic for sure, but I can hope. 

Here's hoping you all have a blessed 2014 and that we all do our part in making our city, town, school and workplace a better place to be.

Blogging off...


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