A Zillion Miles For A Dirty Shirt

I just completed an 1126 mile book tour/college send-off. My equilibrium has me thinking I'm still in motion. It is a weird sensation. I saw a ton of sites, old and new. At the moment I'm too tired to write about any of it, but thought I'd give a flavor for what the experience brought. I'll expand on more of it after my next zillion mile adventure. I have much to tell and realize I probably should have taken notes. Alas, I was living the moment and, anyway, why start now?

My course of travel, with several stops and a few U-turns along the way.

That right there's called a Dad on the Dash.

Mickey's Diner - A St. Paul Landmark with great burgers. Ben's new favorite.

Mom's apartment primed and ready for her move-out.

Caramel Rolls and bakery.

Duluth by bluff. Foggy, misty and beautiful. Ben said it looked like a "model set".

Fitgers Books. My books were sold out. I asked them to order more!

Two Harbors Library - Donated a copy of Dirty Shirt.

Ely Library. (A new location being constructed.) Donated a copy of Dirty Shirt.

Family surprise at the signing. Notice the clean Dirty Shirt shirts. Got me one!

The family took a 3 hour cruise on the party pontoon on Shagawa Lake.

Family, immediate and extended. Love surrounds me.
The establishment is gone, but the shirt lives on.

The recently reconstructed swinging bridge in Jay Cooke State Park. (Flooded in 2012)

Ben crossing the St. Louis River

Panorama of Jay Cooke

Too much Beauty.

Hiking the river's edge.


Lightning show within a single cloud.

Minnesota State Fair favorite food.


A great day at a great fair.

St. Paul Public Library - Hayden Branch. Donated a copy of Dirty Shirt

Paid a visit here. Met a possible relative.

Moving day at the U of M

Crossed this Mississippi River bridge hundreds of times many years ago. 

Mom's apartment door for the last time. On to a new chapter.
Blogging off...


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