Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

Before I look ahead to 2015, I think it's always important to look back at last year and take stock on they year. In 2014, I posted a personal record of 125 times. What I'd like to do now is run down the top 10 posts from last year. These are based strictly on my own perception of them, so bear with me.

Here are the 2014 top ten posts with links to each.

  1. Dancing Defined This post was spurred by my niece's wedding reception where I took to the dance floor like a maniac. Unfortunately, I probably looked like a maniac. But as I allude to in the post, dancing is all about letting it out and not worrying what others think. This is probably not a healthy outlook from a face-saving perspective, but I can't change who I am.
  2. A Story Written - A Life Rewritten A fellow eLectio Author spurred this post with his memoir on the struggles he had growing up in the housing projects in South Dakota. It resonated a bit with me because of our brief foray into the housing projects right before my dad died in the mid 1960's. It speaks of adversity and the strong people that rise above it. 
  3. Reality Check A post about the prospect of Sarah heading off to college. It's weird to look back at this post and see all the doubt and anxiety I had about Sarah leaving. Now that I'm four months into it I know that it is exactly where she should be. I mourn her absence when she's not here, but I've come to realize life goes on and we're all going to be okay.
  4. National Poetry Month - Issue 21 In April I took on the challenge of posting a poem a day on my blog. It was a lot of work, but I loved the process. It took me into many poet's work. This particular one became even more meaningful last week. The author Jeff Poniewaz passed away. So it goes...
  5. From Where Art Comes My daughter's art show reminded me how much I cannot get into the head of an artist. One might say as a writer I use the same parts of my brain, but why then can I not draw? It's a strange jump.
  6. Coffee With Friends This post sums up one of the best days of 2014 for me, my book signing at Cafe De Arts. The place was packed and I had an absolute blast talking to friends and signing copies of Dirty Shirt. It was the start of a blindingly fun summer and fall of book promotion.
  7. Exponential Good With all that we do with the Guest House every year, it becomes clearer to me every day that if everyone did a little, it would make a big difference in the world. This post speaks to some of the other things going on at the Guest House.
  8. A Zillion Miles for a Dirty Shirt The book's road trip to Ely, Minnesota and all points in-between is the subject of this post. Lots of quality time with my son Ben and a surprise visit from my family on a tour run that I will always remember. Good times.
  9. Travel Log Part III - The Cabin More travels; to northern Wisconsin this time. Precious time with family and good friends in God's country.
  10. Gifts For Giving This is a synopsis of the many talents of my friends and family. Everything from music, and writing, and from cooking to art are included.
So that is my year. What was your favorite post of the year?

I hope you've enjoyed my blog from time to time (or on a regular basis). I sure appreciate all the good feedback people have given me. Its incredibly encouraging. Here's to a great 2015!

Blogging off...


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