Election Rejection

As you have seen, I do not get political on this blog. I loathe politics and all that goes with it and feel it is increasingly dividing our country and bringing out the worst in people. 

Because of this, watching our Presidential election cycle play out like a car fire has been nothing short of painful. We've all seen mudslinging in the past, but never with two candidates that are almost equally disliked. A friend of mine said the only way he could ever imagine Hillary Clinton in office is if there was a Donald Trump as an opponent. And the only way he could ever imagine Donald Trump in office is if there was a Hillary Clinton as an opponent. 

Well said. 

And the wonders of social media have raised the rage level to new heights. As things get said and countered, it takes everything in me not to chime in. Like I said, I don't like being outwardly political, despite having definite opinions about who I think should be President. 

But I typically don't say anything. Because there are things that demand my energy that are important and as near as I know, nobody on Facebook has ever changed political allegiances based on a Meme or comment from someone on the other side.

As I said, there are things that demand my energy that are far more important to me. 

  • My Family. Laughing with my wife and kids, texting my daughter and telling her I love her and bantering with my extended family on Facebook. It's all good and all better than political vitriol.
  • My Causes. I look forward to serving at the Guest House of Milwaukee every couple of weeks. This place and its mission give me purpose.
  • My House. Fall seems to ramp up the urgency of things I wanted to get done "this summer." I've been priming and painting our new stairs, cleaning the garage and getting ready for the onslaught that we call winter.
  • My Church. Our new church, Collective MKE is small, but challenging and beautiful. We had such a great discussion today about the role of the Bible in our faith, the translations of it and how it is used as a club to hit people. These people remind me that there are earthly rulers that, in the big picture, are insignificant. There have been for years. 
  • My Writing. If I am denied the usual spaces to write throughout my week, I feel cheated. I've come to NEED it, whereas I used to just like to do it. Writing, editing, submitting and even talking about writing gives me a great sense of purpose. 
And so I aim to continue to steer clear of the political arena for another 3 weeks or so. Frankly, I can't wait for the whole election to be over. It's like a tire fire. Polluting and out of control. I will continue to pray for our country and our leaders nonetheless. Because Lord knows, we can use that.

Blogging off...


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