Out Of Dodge

I am writing this from a conference on the edge of Nowhere Wisconsin and while that sounds like a complaint, I am happy to be here. I am normally just coming off a muskie fishing weekend this time of year, but this year it didn't happen. My fishing buddy Steve took it upon himself to go to Italy with his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary, and it ran dead into the muskie weekend. So it goes...

Anyway, my point is, I'm glad to be here because here is at least travelling and I am happiest when I have the road under my feet. As it turns out I'm just north of Spooner, Wisconsin at a remote lodge that involves at least 3 county roads and a stretch of deer-lined gravel roads. A fun ride at night with my mapping geek cohorts in a county van.

This comes while the rest of the world is overseas it seems. As I mentioned, Steve and Jill are touring Italy, end to end, and of that I am insanely jealous. They'll see Venice and Rome and a bunch of other great things

At the same time, my brother in-law and his partner are in Europe as well, They are doing Denmark, Paris, Edinburgh Scotland, London and back to Copenhagen.

It hardly seems fair.

These are all places I want to see someday. And unlike my wife who would prefer to do a single country really well, I would be the one that wants to see as many countries in two weeks as I could. It would probably kill me, or at least exhaust me, but it would be worth it.

Mark and Jake posted pictures from Notre Dame today. The pictures of the stained glass made me gasp. My brother Paul once visited Notre Dame and said it was so beautiful it actually moved him to tears. So I add that to my bucket list.

I don't know when or if I'll ever get "across the pond" to see any of Europe, but it certainly is on my radar to do in the next ten years or so. With one child in college and another one headed there next year, I doubt I'll be able to go much farther than Sheboygan in the next five years. Which is painful because, as I said, I'm not happy unless the ground is moving under my feet, or I at least have a plan to go somewhere.

We may be at that phase of life where local trips are the best we can hope for.

So for now, "somewhere north of Spooner" will have to do.

Blogging off...


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