A Moment Of Thanks

Because it's that time of year that we celebrate all things we are thankful for, I would like to run down the list of a multitude of things large and small that I take pause at and consider myself lucky to have.

I am thankful for:

  • Not one but two good kids experiencing life in college - away from home. College years are some of the best memories of my life. I am living vicariously through them. Along those lines, I am also thankful for...

  • An empty nest. It was weird for the first few days, then we sort of adapted to the quiet, and now have come to embrace it.

  • CollectiveMKE - my church. We are a house-based church with a focus on acceptance and service. Cool people breaking the mold of conventional church.

  • New jeans. A simple pleasure, one we take for granted in this country.

  • My 95 year old house. It leaks a little and creaks a lot, but it is my haven. 

  • A decent job. Big changes ahead with my boss retiring in January, but still consider myself extremely fortunate to be where I am.

  • My family. They're all back in Minnesota, but we still get along as good as we ever have. This year will bring a couple of new babies to my neices, which will add to the energy level.

  • Toby the dog. He's getting old and limpy, like his owner some days, but he never ceases being happy when I walk in the door
  • The Mighty Monday Nighters - my writing colleagues at AllWriters'. These people are my tribe. They get me and keep me honest in all things literary.

  • My stupid 3 year old phone. I have a love/hate relationship with these cursed devices, but I have come to love my Samsung Galaxy S6. I hate my dependency on it, but love its dependability. 

  • Electio Publishing. These guys helped me fulfill a dream and most recently accepted my third book with them. On top of that they are men of integrity and great faith.

  • All of my fishing buddies. John, Steve, Sarah, Ben, Dave and Van are the folks I've fished with this year. The banter in the boat with these people keeps me sane and whiles away the days under the sun catching bass and laughing hard.

  • Good coffee and good beer. One gets the job done, the other rewards it.
  • And lastly, my wife. She is one step ahead of me and our kids and keeps the ship steaming ahead. One of my favorite hours of the week is our Saturday coffee hour at the Steaming Cup. We talk about anything and everything - sometimes it even provokes tears of gratefulness for what we've built, and that's okay. We started this ride 27 years ago and have been through everything that life throws at a person and we've come out still in love. 
And for that I am most thankful of all.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Blogging off...


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