Shrink Wrapped

It is Easter weekend and we are blessed to have both of our kids home for the weekend. My daughter came down from Minnesota on Thursday because she was done with classes and "needed to get away." Ben was down in Florida until Friday when he was dropped off in Waukesha as his roommates continued on to Madison.

And we have been fortunate to be together as a family for much of the weekend. We had dinner together then watched Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday night - an unexpected surprise having them opt for a night home with family instead of local friends. Then, they got up on Saturday morning to go to coffee with us as an extension of Donna and my Saturday routine. 

Today they will attend church with us and then we will have an early Easter dinner with my brother in-law and his partner. 

The weekend reminds me that these moments are to be treasured. We are all healthy, happy and glad to be with one another. When we gather around a table there is intelligent discussion, gentle teasing and laughter. We talk about our crazy dog and our stupid cat who has taken to watching us as we eat dinner. We discuss the kids' school classes, their friend groups and all the adult responsibilities that they are navigating during their collegiate experience.

They hug us unprovoked at times in part for us, but I think they need it as much as we do.

When we met with old friends to watch the Loyola/Michigan game they interacted with adults in ways that made me proud to call myself their parents. I love being around them and laughing about our lives, both past and present. 

So, I've become a sentimental sap of sorts. But I miss my kids. They are an extension of both of us and I love watching them experience the beauty and nuttiness of day to day life. If I could take this weekend and shrink wrap it to preserve it forever, I would. 

But for now, I'll have to simply savor it and count my blessings.

Happy Easter.

Christ is Risen!

Blogging off...


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