A Guest Appearance

Well, it's almost new years eve, and all of my teams have ungracefully bowed out of the NFL playoffs. I've watched less football this fall/winter than I have in recent memory mostly because the Packers and Vikings were playing such mediocre ball this year. I am of an age that barely has time for good football, let alone mediocre. Thankfully I was part of something bigger today.

Today I was part of a Guest House meal assembly with eleven other people. This is an event organized by my wife, funded by donors and assembled by volunteers. She sets up about four of these assemblies every year and because I'm a bit of hack in the kitchen, I never really took part in one.

As I've mentioned before, the Guest House is a transitional housing agency for 86 men. They provide job training, help with residency, AODA counseling and health care for homeless men.

Donna assured me she could use my help, so I went along. I was put on sandwich duty with my brother in-law. It was so cool to see the kitchen buzzing with activity. These are folks who gave up a Sunday afternoon to help others and you'd have thought it was a party. People who'd never met were getting along like old friends. Everyone was helping and within two and a half hours we knocked out five meals for 86 men.

It feels good to give back. It feels good to help. And it beats the heck out of bad football.

I love so much about our work with the Guest House. And I hope to do more of it in 2019.

Blogging off...


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