Attention Deficit

Some random thoughts, because I'm finding it difficult to stick to a single train of thought today.

  • It is a weird time of year for me. That first week after the Super Bowl is always a little disjointed. I don't watch like I once did, but I really don't watch any other sports, so it seems like something is missing. It's a first-world problem though, one that will pass soon enough.
  • Speaking of Super Bowl, I thought it was a phenomenal one to watch. A back-and-forth affair for 3 1/2 quarters until it got out of hand. I was glad to see KC win.
  • Like everyone else in the world, I have my opinion of the halftime show, but unlike many others, I don't feel the need to express that opinion. 
  • I was invited to take part in a Poet Laureate reading in Sheboygan at the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Conference in May. I consider it an honor just to be in the same room with some of the others that will be there. My 8 minutes of fame.
  • I am halfway through season 2 of Outlander. What a great series.
  • This empty nest thing is growing on me. The house is quieter, my wife and I have more mind-space, and we have discovered what brought us together in the first place. Getting very used to it.
  • The writing slogs ahead. Working my way through my work-in-progress for the third time. Some days I hate every word and think it's dreadful, some days I think it's really good. I'm getting good feedback, so I think the latter is more true than the former. So, I will continue to slog onward.
  • The job goes extremely well. I am blessed with an amazing staff and great leadership.
  • Each day gets a little lighter when I come home. Spring can't come soon enough.
Blogging off...


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