Picture my Life - 1989

As part of a creative exercise, I'm taking a picture from every year of my extensive collection and writing about it. I use the month and date to determine the folder # and picture #. This random but measured system will provide a glimpse into the people and places of my past.

This post's picture is of my wedding day, obviously. We were married in June of 1990, so I'm not sure why this picture was filed in the 1989 folder, but it happens.

The occasion was certainly one of the happiest days of my life, despite the 93 degree mid-June heat. After months of planning from 750 miles apart, we were finally in the midst of our day. 

My whole family made the trek out to Canandaigua for the wedding. Many of them continued on in a sort of east coast vacation afterward. I can't say enough about how much it meant that they all made it out. 

We were married in a beautiful, quaint Methodist Church in tiny little Gorham, New York. It was like Mayberry without Andy Griffith. The church was warm and my best man saved the day by handing me a Bounty paper towel to wipe my brow every few minutes. He knew I was sweating for more than one reason. Ha!

After the wedding, we drove 15 minutes to the Geneva Rod and Gun Club. It was situated on Seneca Lake and the lake breeze gave a little respite from the heat. After a meal and some speeches from the wedding party, the DJ took over and we all cut a rug. As you know, dancing is my thing. I love it. Until I see myself on the videotapes of that day when I get a little horrified. But, as I said in the past, the dance flo' is where I lose all inhibitions. That's what it's for. It's cathartic.

But I digress.

When the reception wound down, a large boat pulled up and Donna and I boarded. We motored across the lake to Donna's Chevette (A bit of a reality check, here.) From there we drove to the Taughanook Inn where we spent a couple nights on our honeymoon. The whole day was dreamlike. 

This summer we will celebrate 30 years together. It all started in a small town on a hot day surrounded by family and friends. Life is crazy.

Blogging off...


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